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GRC340X Schedule

GRC 340X Illustration and Concept (Lecture) Weekly Outline – Subject to Change.
Studio course exploring use of the digital painting tablet. Students will learn specialized techniques to generate illustrations and concept renderings for a variety of applications, including storyboarding, gaming, and architectural subjects.
Week 1: TU 8/26 Syllabus briefing, Outline objective for the class, General discussion. Excercise: Default Brushes/Silhouette Edge Control/Masculine-Feminine Shapes
TH 8/28 Fast Critique. Excercise: Value Control, Photography and Render Objects. Assignment – Pick 100 year old story.
August 29 Last day to add courses, switch sections, change courses, change from audit to credit. Final day to drop or withdraw and receive a 100 percent refund
Week 2: TU 9/2 Fast Critique. Define Story Elements (Characters/Vehicles/Props/Environments). Thumbnail Silhouettes
TH 9/4 Fast Critique: Demo: Line work/Tracing Reference
Week 3: TU 9/9 Demo: Applying Value to Line Drawings.
TH 9/11 Progress Critique
Week 4: TU 9/16 Demo: Applying Color to Value Drawings. Multiply/Adjustment
TH 9/18 Progress Critique
Week 5: TU 9/23 Demo: Masking/Quick Mask/Shape Trapping
TH 9/25 Project Critique (Characters)
Week 6: TU 9/30 Demo: Rapid Vector Shape production
TH 10/2 Progress Critique
October 3 Final day to completely withdraw from all classes and receive a 50 percent refund. Only 50%
refunds will be processed at this time. No other refunds after this day.
Week 7: TU 10/7 Demo: Collage Techniques
TH 10/9 Progress Critique
Week 8: TU 10/14 Demo: Custom Brushes
TH 10/16 Project Critique (Props/Vehicles)
Mid-Semester 10/18 Mid-Semester Grades Due
Week 9: TU 10/21 Demo: Perspective Assign (Extra Credit Project)
TH 10/23 Progress Critique
Week 10: TU 10/28 Demo: Environments
TH 10/30 Progress Critique
Week 11: TU 11/4 Demo: Abstraction
TH 11/6 Project Critique (Environments)
Week 12: TU 11/11 Veteran’s Day. Holiday. No Class
TH 11/13 Progress Critique
Week 13: TU 11/18 Demo: By Request
TH 11/20 Progress Critique
Week 14: TU 11/25 Begin Gathering Elements for Final Presentation
TH 11/27 Thanksgiving. Holiday. 27-28 No Class
Week 15: TU 12/2 No Demo. Work session.
TH 12/4 Progress Critique. Work session.
Week 16: TU 12/9 Finals Week.  No class.
TH 12/11 Final Portfolio Presentations  Dec 11 8a.m. – 10a.m.