Kang Group Meeting Schedule (1/6/17-5/31/17)

Date                            Research                                      Lit./Problem

01/06/17               Naga/Hai/Manasa                              Naga

01/13/17               Naga/Hai/Manasa                              Manasa

01/20/17               Naga/Hai/Manasa                              Hai

01/27/17               Naga/Hai/Manasa                              Manasa

02/03/17               Hai/Manasa                                      Hai

02/10/17               Hai/Manasa                                      Hai

02/17/17               Hai/Manasa                                      Manasa

02/24/17               Hai/Manasa                                      Hai

03/03/17               Hai/Manasa                                      Manasa

03/10/17               Hai/Manasa                                      Hai

03/17/17               Hai/Manasa                                      Manasa

03/24/17               Hai/Manasa                                      Hai

03/31/17               Hai/Manasa                                      Manasa

04/07/17               Hai/Manasa                                      Hai

04/14/17               Hai/Manasa                                      Manasa

04/21/17               Hai/Manasa                                      Hai

04/28/17               Hai/Manasa                                      Manasa

05/05/17               Hai/Manasa                                      Hai

05/12/17               Hai/Manasa                                      Manasa

05/19/17               Hai/Manasa                                      Hai

05/26/17               Hai/Manasa                                      Manasa

Fridays, 4:00-6:00 PM in CHE 224A – All are welcome.

If you are presenting on that date, please refer to the meeting guidelines for instructions. 20 minute Research and 20 minute Lit./Problem Set will be given by the listed members for each meeting. The literature presenter will provide a mechanism/synthesis problem after his/her presentation. It is expected that all members will participate in answering the problem. If you could not present on your date, you should find a person to switch with you.

Note: After your presentation, please fix the suggested corrections and send your presentation file and chemdraw file to me with the correct format. (e.g. of file format KJY-2015- DEC-RES-NHP)