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2016 Clark County Judicial Primary Voter Guide

As most of you know, the primary election for Clark County is June 14, 2016. Although it is generally easy to choose from among the candidates for the state legislature, it is often very difficult to make heads or tails of the judicial candidate. Our judicial selection system is a perfect storm of large districts […]

UNLV Research Files

Here’s Dr. Gill on unlvTV’s Research Files (9/25/2015). In her segment, she talks about her NSF-sponsored research on judicial performance evaluation as well as gender equity on UNLV’s campus.  

Voter Information for 2014 Clark County Judicial Primary

Of late, there has been a barely audible clamoring for information about the judicial candidates in Clark County’s 2014 primary races. I’ve taken it upon myself to compile some information that voters may find useful in making comparisons among the candidates. These data are gathered from a number of sources, including Martindale, the Las Vegas […]

New Paper: New: Buying Time? False Assumptions About Abusive Appeals

The federal government has expressed fear that immigrants abuse the appellate process to delay their deportations by filing meritless petitions for review with the federal courts. Some courts have responded to these concerns by imposing stricter standards for issuing stays of removal, so that the government can more easily deport petitioners even while their appeals […]

New Paper: New: Justice on the Fly: The Danger of Errant Deportations

The government may deport an immigrant appealing a deportation order in federal court even before the court rules on the case, unless the court issues a stay of removal. In its 2009 decision in Nken v. Holder, the Supreme Court clarified that the legal standard for stays of removal is the same test courts use […]

Judging the Judges 2013

A Preliminary Analysis   by Rebecca D. Gill   Several stories have been written in the last month about the 2013 Las Vegas Review-Journal Judging the Judges survey. The overall results can be found here, and a short summaries have been written by Carri Geer Thevenot and Jane Ann Morrison. My own piece calls attention to the […]