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We’ll be watching this film in class today. It is also available online via the library. If you would like to re-watch it or share it with your friends, here’s the link. If you’re off campus, you’ll need to follow the instructions to activate the proxy server. -RG


The Third Prong

The Obama Administration announced recently that it is rescinding a controversial policy that allowed colleges to use student body surveys to demonstrate compliance with the “third prong” of Title IX, namely that the women’s athletic program fully and effectively accommodates the interest of current and prospective female students. See this Chronicle of Higher Education article for more […]


Title IX & Sports

Here’s another take on the effect of Title IX on equality in collegiate sports. Enjoy! -RG


The Law Fair

The dates are obviously different, but the rest of the advice from my advice to 2009 Law Fair Attendees still holds. This year’s UNLV Law Fair is on the second floor of the union from 10-1 on Monday, 10/22. Enjoy. -RG


The Life Line

In on Wednesday, 9/24, we’re going to talk about a very controversial article from the Journal of Medical Ethics. It is quite short, and you should be familiar with it before you arrive in class today. Find a copy of it here. As you read this, consider how this article illustrates why Americans may never come […]



I have completed the group reading summary blogs. You should post your reviews to the blog, making sure that you personally post one review per four extra readings in the syllabus. You’ll need to coordinate the schedule with your group. If you have a group with five members, you will need to duplicate one of […]