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The Plea

I know that our video from today was a bit of a downer, but I hope that it helped to illustrate some of the problems we have with our plea bargaining system. Want to see the rest, watch it again, or get more information? The video is available online here. Many of you may be wondering, […]

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In November 2010, Nevadans voted on whether or not to pass Senate Joint Resolution 2 (74th Session), or “SJR-2.” This would have amended the section of Nevada’s constitution that deals with the selection of our state court judges.  There were some vocal critics of the measure. Read this article by Todd Bailey. How does Bailey see the appropriate […]


Welcome to 332

It’s my pleasure to welcome you to PSC 332. We’ll be learning about the structure, staffing and function of the American court system. It’s a fascinating topic. There are all sorts of representations of our legal system in the media, but how accurate is the picture we’re being presented? Why do Americans sue each other […]