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Ready Made Websites

If you want a faculty website, but you do not want to write your own HTML or produce your own graphics, our “Ready Made Websites” is a good choice for you.  Creating a website is as easy as creating a Microsoft Word document using this new service.

Ready Made Websites run on an easy to use content management system called WordPress. You may be familiar with WordPress as powerful blogging software, but at UNLV we have turned WordPress into a way to give faculty clean, professional looking websites that are easy to edit and friendly to use.

Adding Your CV is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

When you log into your Website for the first time, you will see the administration panel.  Take a few minutes to get acquainted with it.  From this panel, you will be able to add pages to your website, and choose which design is best suited to your needs.

Simply click on the “Pages” tab > “Add New,” to add pages to your website. You may want to put your Vita, class information, research information, education, publications, honors and awards on your pages.  You can also include images, documents and other media.

On the “Edit Pages” panel (shown below), you can edit a page that has your CV, for example.

This is the picture of an example of  the WordPress Administrative Panel

The Results

By simply adding pages, text (such as a CV) and a photo to your Ready Made Website through the administrative panel, you will have a clean, professional looking Website.

This is the picture of an example of a Faculty Website

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