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Web Server FAQ

The web server is running on a server with an Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU (X5690 @ 3.47GHz).

The operating system is Oracle Linux Server release 6.8.

The web server software is Apache/2.2.15.

You may use as the hostname when logging into your account.

We do not impose quotas at this time. People who abuse this privilege, such as to store large numbers of audio or video files or to back up their hard drives, will be warned to remove the files. Failure to do so will result in removal of the files and closure of the account.

No, FrontPage extensions are not supported. You can install a cgi script to handle your needs or use one of the pre-installed scripts already available.

We have form handling, cgi scripts pre-installed. For information on using these scripts, follow the links above.

Yes, cgi access is available. See our cgi information page for details.

Yes, you can use server-side includes on your web pages. See our SSI page for details.

You may use any Secure FTP application. Software recommendations can be found on our Recommended Software page. For other software options, visit or

Some of the more popular applications used on campus include Adobe DreamWeaver and Adobe GoLive. We strongly recommend Dreamweaver. This web design software supports secure FTP connections, which are required to connect to the web server. If you need an image editing or illustration application, the Adobe Creative Suite bundle includes Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, and Freehand. Adobe software bundles are available for on-campus use through CDWG online and for personal use also through CDWG, E-Academy or journeyEd. Software purchased for personal use does have a higher cost than university licenses, but is still significantly discounted versus retail. For more detailed information on purchasing software for university or personal use, please check the OIT Software Search site.

You can also create web pages using a text editor such as NotePad or SimpleText or download a shareware program from such sites as or Some applications, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Adobe PageMaker, will export documents in web-ready format. Refer to your software application’s documentation for information about available features.