Venki Muthukumar

High Performance Computing Systems (HPCS) Lab


Hello there. I am an Assoc. Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at University of Nevada Las Vegas. I received my M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from Monash University, Australia both in Computer Science and my bachelor in engineering degree in College of Engineering Guindy, Chennai, Anna University.

I am always willing to fund hardworking PhD students. Please read the following before sending me an email requesting for assistantship.

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Current Research

Control Navigation and Guidance of UAV
Efficient onboard computation of image and acoustic data on UAVs
Autonomous indoor UAV navigation
HIL UAV testbed development
Efficient NoC Router Design
Hyperspectral Imaging


DSD2018 - August 29 – 31, 2018 Prague | Czech Republic
SOCC 2018 - September 4-7, 2018 Arlington, VA (Washington, DC).


Spring 2018:
CPE301 - Embedded Systems Design - Course website

Fall 2018:
CpE470 - Autonomous Mobile Robots - Course Website
EGG470 - UAV Simulation and Testing - Course Website
CpE403 - Advanced Embedded Systems - Course Website

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Current Projects

UAV Research

We are exploring efficient UAV guidance, navigation and control algorithms for UAVs in urban applications. Development of a low cost modularized UAV testbed for HIL simulations. Also effective use of mini FLIR and hyper-spectral cameras for people, vehicle and terrain detection. Use of acoustic for target classification and localization. Autonomous indoor navigation based on sensor fusion.

NoC Research

Efficient router design for VC channel buffer utilization, VC allocation, Routing algorithms, Mapping Algoirthms, etc.

Transportation Engineering

Development of pedestrian count and tracking algorithms, pedestrian-vehicle conflict detection system.

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High Performance Computing Systems (HPCS) Lab

Our Team

    Current Graduate Students
  • Kaushik Raj (PhD) - UAV Guidance Navigation and Control Algorithms - Summer 2018
  • Shirin Nasr (PhD) - Hyper-spectral Imaging
  • Michael Gacusan (MS) - Solar Irradiation Estimation - Spring 2018
  • Yun Long Lan (MS) - Network of Chips - Spring 2018
    Current Undergraduate Students
    Recent Graduate Students
  • Ahmed Sony Choudhary (MS) - Acoustic Denoising - Summer 2016
  • Carlo Lopez-Tello (MS) - Acoustic Classification - Summer 2016
  • Martin Jamie (UG) - Autonomous UAVs - completed
  • Jimmy Mannoe (UG) - Localization of Acoustic sources
  • Alan Fortes (UG) - HIL UAV framework - completed
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    It is highly recommended you download and read the ECE Graduate Program packet (pdf). After you have obtained your admission, then contact me with your details to pursue for RA/TA function under my supervision.

    List of Capstone Senior Design Students Supervised from 2011-2014 (pdf).

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