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  Welcome to the home page of Sociology for the Public.  My name is Don Stewart and I am an instructor in the Department of Sociology at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and in the Department of Human Behavior at the Community College of Southern Nevada.  If you're familiar with the field of Sociology, great!  If not, take a few minutes to read what I have to say.  The field of Sociology is dedicated to reaching a greater understanding of how people, all of us, get along with each other in this increasingly confusing society in which we live.  We all know there are problems with society, we all encounter problems of various kinds.  Sometimes we know what the problems are and sometimes we don't really understand the problems or how they are affecting us and our lives.

    As a Sociologist I hope to help those with whom I have contact better understand how they fit into this big, incredibly diverse society, and how we can help each other do better by each other.   The demands of family, work, social activities, personal life-style, and school, (among other things) all make life complicated.  Helping myself and others learn how to identify, understand and thereby work our way through the complicated issues we deal with on a daily basis is my objective.  But, in order to deal with the issues and problems we face, we have to be able to recognize them -- put "faces" on them -- and then we have to be able to describe the problems to others.  Once we understand the problems and issues for ourselves we may begin to communicate with others about the same problems and issues.  In dealing with social problems and issues, you've got to be able to share in words you actually speak or write what you know and what you think.  It is really fairly simple:  We fear those things about which we are ignorant or about which we know very little.  But knowledge and familiarity reduce our levels of fear and suspicion.  The more we know about each other the better we are able to understand each other and work together to build a better society.  That's what Sociology is about -- putting into words who we are, what we are, what we are doing with our lives, what our problems are, and what solutions we envision to the problems.   We all deal with these issues on a daily basis and all men are really Sociologists -- most just don't know they are.    As part of my work as a Sociologist I teach at UNLV, as well as the UNLV extension campus at Nellis Air Force Base, and also at CCSN.  "Click" on the links on the side bar to access notes and postings related to those classes.  I also am involved in independent research on the subject of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, a condition that affects millions of people world wide.  If you would like to learn more about PTSD, click on the Project PTSD link to visit that area of this site.  Within that section you will find information relating to PTSD that you should find informative and interesting.      If you have comments, or if you wish to communicate with me, please write me at:  nvsocioman@yahoo.com.

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