Dr. Brett R. Riddle

Ph.D. Students

Rob Bryson ( WEBSITE )
M.S. (Biology), Sul Ross State University, Alpine, Texas, 2002

Research Interests: The evolution and systematics of Latin American herpetofauna, particularly the highland forms of mainland Mexico.
Dissertation Title: Phylobiogeography of Herpetofauna Inhabiting the Mountainous Regions of Mexico.

Mallory Eckstut

Mallory Eckstut ( WEBSITE)
B.A. (Biology), Bard College at Simon’s Rock; Massachusetts, 2006
M.S. (Biological Sciences), Southeastern Louisiana University; Louisiana, 2008

Research Interests: Historical & island biogeography; historical ecology & reproductive biology of reptiles & amphibians; evolution of vertebrate unisexuality
Dissertation Title:The Evolution of Biotic Assemblies in the North American Deserts

Tereza Jezkova (WEBSITE)
M.S. (Biology & Geography), Prague, Czech Republic,

Research Interests: Phylogeography, population genetics, and ecological niche modeling.
Dissertation Title: Integrating comparative phylogeography with ecological modeling to investigate Late Quaternary biogeography in four species of kangaroo rats (genus Dipodomys).

Adam Leland
M.S. (Biology ), San Diego State

Research Interests: Phylogeography of reptiles in the Southwestern Deserts of North America; integration of genetic markers and GIS; investigating and describing the spatial occurence of parthenogenesis in whiptail lizards.
Dissertation Title: Geographical parthenogenesis in whiptail lizards (genus Aspidoscelis).

Sean Neiswenter ( WEBSITE )
M.S. (Biology), Angelo State University, San Angelo, Texas, 2004

Research Interests: Mammalian ecology and evolution, desert ecosystems
Dissertation Title: