Research Field Trips

January 2011

The main purpose of the first trip was to establish research sites and obtain a background of data that will inform decisions on subsequent PIRE research trips to Tengchong. More specific goals were to obtain high quality geochemistry data, samples for nucleic acids extraction and analysis, samples for microbial isolation for further characterization, and preliminary rate measurements of a variety of N-cycle processes from a wide variety of springs in Tengchong. The trip took place from January 1-January 21, 2011 and included 8 US participants from UNLV (Hedlund, Dodsworth, Regner), UGA (Zhang), Miami (Dong), NAU (Hungate, Brown), and ASU (Hartnett) and 10 participants from China from CUGB (Jiang, Guo), Tongji (Ren, Wang, Huang, Zijun, Li), and Yunnan University (Yu, Song, Zhou). The expedition was extremely successful and we are busy gathering and analyzing data in the lab.

Check out our video montage from the January 2011 trip and visit the January 2011 trip page for participant interviews, pictures, and videos.