PIRE Featured in Symposium on China-US Collaborative Research on Life in Terrestrial Geothermal Springs

June 26-26, 2013

The symposium entitled "China-US Collaborative Research on Life in Terrestrial Geothermal Springs" was organized collaboratively by the NSF-funded Tengchong PIRE project the MOST-funded international project led by Dr. Wen-Jun Li and took place on the campus of Yunnan University. The symposium was attended by 28 faculty, postdocs, students, and high-school teachers from the US and approximately 90 faculty, postdocs, and students from China. The meeting featured welcoming remarks by President Wen-Xun Lin and Vice-President Ke-Qin Zhang of Yunnan University and Mr. Jiang Long, Director General of Yunnan Provincial Science and Technology Department, thirteen oral presentations, and 25 poster presentations. A group of seven high-school science teachers from Clark County, Nevada, were thoroughly integrated into the activities and visited two schools in Yunnan Province. The meeting generated media attention, plans for additional joint publications and joint funding, and was deemed highly successful.

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