The UNLV Soil Analyses Laboratory supports soil genesis, geomorphology and ecology research through characterization of soils using basic physical and chemical analytical techniques.

The laboratory has standard wet/dry-chemistry facilities to analyze soil particle size, pH, EC, organic matter, percent gypsum, calcium carbonate content, exchangeable ions, extractable acidity, organic matter determination, Olsen-P, nitrate, ammonium, S, sulfate, XRD and SEM analysis, as well as epoxy equipment for making soil thin sections.

The laboratory is capable of running most standard NRCS Soil Survey Laboratory Methods.

Equipment includes a Barnsted E-Pure millipure water system, Milestone Ethos microwave digestor, Damon/IEC HN-SII centrifuge, MAVCO mechanical vacuum extractor, Tyler sieve shaker, benchtop shaker bench, drying ovens, Perkin Elmer AA400, Leica GZ7 microscope, Ohause scales (2), Beckman pH meter, and Accumet EC meter.

Other equipment available includes: standard petrographic microscopes with point-counting teaching arm and digital camera-capabilities, sieves, scales, ultrasonic cleaners, mortars and pestles, sodium polytungstate for density separations, and heavy mineral separator equipment.  In addition, the laboratory has full field equipment capabilities and a chain saw.