Michael J. Nicholl

Assistant Professor of Geology
Ph.D. - University of Nevada Reno
Vadose Zone Hydrology, Environmental Fluid Mechanics, and Geological Engineering
Room: LFG - 227
Mailstop: 4010
e-mail: michael.nicholl@ccmail.nevada.edu
Telephone: (702) 895-4616

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Professional Background



Research Interests

Dr. Nicholl's areas of expertise include vadose zone hydrology, environmental fluid mechanics, and geological engineering. His research currently focuses on the study of fluid flow in fractured rocks, with particular emphasis on two-phase flows (i.e., air/water, water/NAPL, and brine/petroleum). This is a highly active area of research, with important implications to a number of high-profile applied problems. Dr. Nicholl and his students are working to develop a fundamental understanding of two-phase flow in fractured rock through a combination of laboratory, field, and numerical experimentation. Please see the publication list below, or email for further details.

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