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Ojmarrh Mitchell, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor


Contact Information:

University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Department of Criminal Justice
4505 Maryland Parkway
Box 455009

Las Vegas, Nevada 89154-5009

(702) 895-0246 Office
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Courses Taught:

CRJ 301: Research Methods in Criminal Justice

CRJ 302: Quantitative Applications in Criminal Justice

CRJ 703: Proseminar on Statistics











Research Interests:

Sentencing & Corrections, Drugs & Crime, Race & Crime, Meta-analysis, and Applied Statistics 








Ph.D. in Criminology and Criminal Justice, 2003—
University of Maryland  


Doctoral Minor in Measurement, Statistics, and Evaluation, 2003—University of Maryland  


B.A. in Sociology, 1996—University of Washington







Selected Publications:

Mitchell, Ojmarrh, Doris Layton MacKenzie, and Deanna M. Perez. (In press). A Randomized Evaluation of the Maryland Correctional Boot Camp for Adults: Effects on Offender Anti-Social Attitudes and Cognitions.” Journal of Offender Rehabilitation 40(3&4).

Mitchell, Ojmarrh, Doris Layton MacKenzie, and David B. Wilson (In press). “The Effectiveness of Incarceration-Based Drug Treatment: An Empirical Synthesis of the Research.”  In Preventing Crime: What Works for Children, Offenders, Victims, and Places.  Editors David P. Farrington and Brandon C. Welsh. 
Belmont, CA: Wadsworth


Mitchell, Ojmarrh and Doris Layton MacKenzie (2003). “Crime Prevention via Prison-based Drug Treatment: A Systematic Review and Assessment of the Research.” In Crime Prevention: New Approaches. Editors Helmut Kury, and Joachim Obergfell-Fuchs, 390-410. Weberstrae, Mainz: Weisser Ring.


Harrell, Adele, Ojmarrh Mitchell, Alexa Hirst, Douglas Marlowe, and Jeffery Merrill. (2002). "Breaking the Cycle of Drugs and Crime: Findings from the Birmingham BTC Demonstration." Criminology & Public Policy 1(2): 189-216.


Mitchell, Ojmarrh, Doris L. MacKenzie, Angela R. Gover, and Gaylene J. Styve.  (2001). “The Influences of Personal Background on Perceptions of Juvenile Correctional Environments.”  Journal of Criminal Justice 29 (1): 67-76.


Mitchell, Ojmarrh, Doris L. MacKenzie, Gaylene J. Styve, and Angela R. Gover.  (2000). “The Impact of Individual, Organizational, and Environmental Attributes on Voluntary Juvenile Correctional Staff Turnover.”  Justice Quarterly 17(2):333-57.


Butts, Jeffrey A. and Ojmarrh Mitchell.  (2000). "Brick by Brick: Dismantling the Border Between Juvenile and Adult Justice." Pp. 167-213 in Criminal Justice 2000, Volume 2: Boundary Changes in Criminal Justice Organizations, Editor Charles M. Friel. Washington, D.C.: Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, US Department of Justice.


Mitchell, Ojmarrh, Doris L. MacKenzie, Angela R. Gover, and Gaylene J. Styve.  (1999). “The Environment and Working Conditions in Juvenile Boot Camps and Traditional Facilities."  Justice Research and Policy 1 (2): 1-22.







Current Projects:


  • Quantitative synthesis of research assessing the direct relationship between race and sentencing in U.S. criminal courts
  • Meta-analysis of drug court effects on recidivism (with David B. Wilson and Doris L. MacKenzie)


  • Experimental evaluation of the Maryland Correctional Boot Camp for Adults (with Doris L. MacKenzie)


  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the National Breaking the Cycle (of drugs and crime) Demonstration Project  (with Adele Harrell)


  • Assessing the stability and resiliency of self-control in a sample of incarcerated offenders


  • Examining the procedural justice and perceptual deterrence of coerced drug treatment


  • Systematic review of the effects of incarceration-based drug treatment on recidivism (with Doris L. MacKenzie and David B. Wilson)