Las Vegas Isotope Science (LVIS) Laboratory
Department of Geoscience
University of Nevada, Las Vegas



The Las Vegas Isotope Science Laboratory (LVIS Lab) was established in 2007, with funds from the National Science Foundation. The laboratory is equipped with state of the art stable isotope mass spectrometer and peripheral devices which include ThermoElectron Delta V Plus Mass Spectrometer, Kiel IV automated carbonate preparation device, Costech NA 2000 Elemental Analyzer, and ThermoElectron High Temperature Conversion Elemental Analyzer (TC/EA). Both the Costech NA 2000 and the TC/EA are interfaced to the mass spectrometer through the Conflo III system.


Laboratory Equipment:

ThermoElectron Delta V Plus Mass Spectrometer with GC PAL autosampler and equilibration modules: The instrument is automated and coupled with peripheral devices for oxygen and hydrogen isotope analyses in water; carbon, and oxygen isotope analysis in carbonates; and carbon and nitrogen isotope analysis in solid organic matter.

Kiel IV Automated Carbonate Device: is very unique for its highest level of precision and accuracy.  The system is equipped with temperature controlled oven, acid tank, an autosampler and many new automated sample preparation tools.

Costech NA 2000 Elemental Analyzer: is based on the reliable flash combustion technology for complete combustion of solid samples and automated analyses of carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen and sulfur.

ThermoElectron High Temperature Combustion Elemental Analyzer (TC/EA) with GC PAL autosampler and equilibration modules; and zero-blank autosampler for solid samples: automated analyses of solids and liquids for oxygen and hydrogen isotopes in minerals, soils, sediments and water samples by thermal conversion in the absence of oxygen.

Analytical Capability:

The laboratory is capable of analyzing carbonate samples, organic matter, water samples for isotope and elemental analysis.

The system is configured through the ISODAT III software for a rapid automated high precision analysis of isotope ratios of 18O/16O, 13C/12C, 15N/14N, and D/H generated from a wide variety of geological and biological materials.

Other than isotope analysis the laboratory is also capable of performing analysis of % C, % N, %H, %O and %S.

Please contact us for questions on your specific analysis requirements.



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