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Kurumi O. Kuroda
Department of Foreign Languages 
FDH Room 544 
Phone:  702-895-1690 
UNLV web site:
                                                                              The above picture taken at International Christian University in Tokyo

     Kurumi Kuroda's Vita

Spring 2004 Courses


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  • Maps:
    If you want to see the map of Japan, please click here.

    The following three pictures represent some of the Japanese symbols:

    To see the picture of Mt. Fuji which is the tallest mountain in Japan, click here.


    Those of you who are eager to find out more about Japan and the Japanese language, please refer to the following links:
    If you cannot link the following from this site, then please go to internet explorer and and find the site from there .

    Those of you who have difficulties studying Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji,  try the following link:

    The following sites are my alma maters: