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Raman and lase

FAME-Tech Labs: the Laser Lab and the Extreme Conditions Lab are fully operational!

Visitors can learn about lasers, spectroscopy (Raman, luminescence), processing of materials at extreme temperatures (up to 3100 F) and extreme pressures (up to 1million atmospheres), and see some of the everyday work of materials scientists, like fabrication of polycrystalline powders, glasses and ceramics.

To enquire about measurement capabilities, interested individuals can contact Prof. Kris Lipinska or stop by the Labs: building MSM 410, 422, 423


These pages give an overview of our current research. Our work is centered around physical, mechanical and optical properties of such materials as ceramics, glasses, hybrid nanocomposites. This includes a variety of topics ranging from high-temperature, ion-conductive and low-thermal expansion ceramics, optical materials and span from laser spectroscopy to high-pressure physics.

Active projects include novel materials for emerging energy technologies, such as materials for extreme environments of pressure and temperature, tailored glasses and ceramic composites for hydrogen storage and for optical devices, ion-conductive ceramics for fuel cell applications, glass-based materials for optoelectronics and semiconductor-glass hybrids for solar cell devices applications.

Additional information about our research can be found in the RESEARCH section




2014 - First Patent for FAME-Tech Labs! read more >

August 2014: We submitted a new grant proposal on laser materials in partnership with colleagues from Georgia Institute of Technology. read more >

July 2014: New research article accepted for publication with our colleagues from Germany, Argentina and the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility. read more >

June 2014: FAME-Tech Labs carried out analysis for and hosted a scientist from Molycorp, CA, the only mine in the US producing rare-earth elements. read more >

June 2014: Cesar, Alberto and Neema, Mechanical Engineering students, shot a short movie showcasing one year of their work on a project at FAME-Tech Labs: a Pressure Controller for a Diamond Anvil Cell. read more >

June 2014: FAME-Tech Labs partnered with colleagues from the Center for Materials & Structures, Mechanical Engineering, UNLV and with Georgia Institute of Technology in submitting a new grant proposal on shock and static compression of energetic materials. read more >

May 2014: Cesar, Alberto and Neema, Mechanical Engineering students, presented their Senior Design Project at the "13th Annual Discover the Future of Innovation" Event at UNLV on May 8, 2014. For a year they worked at FAME-Tech Labs to design and construct a Motorized Pressure Controller for a Diamond Anvil Cell. read more >

May 2014: FAME-Tech Labs partnered with colleagues from National Security Technologies in submitting grant proposals for research on new materials for radiation detection. read more >

April 2014: New research article accepted for publication with our colleagues from the Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Laboratory and the Universitites of Bremen and Koeln in Germany. read more >

March 2014: Our research on mullite ceramics is presented at the 22nd Annual Conference of the German Crystallographic Society in Berlin. read more >

February 2014: New research article submitted for publication. read more >

February 2014: Visit of Dr. Stas Sinogeikin, Associate Director of the High Pressure Collaborative Access Team. read more >

January 2014: The UNLV Director for Technology Transfer and Development visited the Labs. read more >

January 2014: Cesar and Alberto, Mechanical Engineering students, presented a poster at the UNLV Second STEM Summit. read more >

December 2013: Prof. Soliman (King Saudi University) visits the labs. read more >

November 2013:Raman spectroscopy in materials engineering: new exploratory project on diamond films with Prof. John Wang, Mech. Eng. read more >

October 2013: New project on reactivity of concrete with MSc. student Borhan Moradi and Prof. Nader Ghafoori, Civil and Environemtnal Eng. read more >

August 2013: week of experiments at the Advanced Photon Source of Argonne National Lab read more >

August 2013: Summer intern Colin Smith (Physics, Occidental College, CA) hosted by FAME-Tech Labs presented a Poster at the UROP Ceremony read more >

July 2013: SERS Raman - We are adding new technical capabilities to our Labs: Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) working together with Prof. Hui Zhao and Dr. Shengje Zhai, UNLV Mechanical Engineering read more >

14 May 2013: our new paper is finally published in the J. of American Ceramic Society!! read more >

22 May 2013: our new paper has been accepted for publication in Zeitschrift fuer Kristallographie!
read more >

20-23 May 2013: our Biofuels project is presented at the Peer Review of the DOE Bioenergy Technologies Office
read more >

April 2013: we hosted Prof. Ivan Cornejo from the Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Dept. & the Colorado Center for Advanced Ceramics, Colorado School of Mines. read more >

April 2013: FAME-Tech Labs host a week-long work-visit of Prof. T. Gesing and Dr. M. Murshed from the University of Bremen, Germany, to work on materials with negative thermal expansion and long range magnetic order. read more >

March 2013: we started a new collaboration in computational chemical-physics with Prof. C. Mendive from the Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata, Argentina
read more >


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