Julian Kilker, Ph.D.
Associate Professor,
Emerging Technologies

  My research focuses on society and information technologies, particularly in relation to media systems. My recent work has explored visual media and the public understanding of technology, hence the images below.

Julian Kilker at conference.
Julian Kilker responding to questions at Media Convergence conference. Photo: Dana Cretu.


Contact info


Greenspun School of Journalism and Media Studies
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
4505 Maryland Pkwy.
Las Vegas, NV 89154-5007, USA
Office + 1 (702) 895 3729
Fax + 1 (702) 895 5189
kilker at unlv.nevada.edu


Office hours

Spring 2017: Tues and Thurs 11:30am - 2pm. For other (phone or skype) appointments contact me by e-mail. I am in room 2137 in the new Greenspun Hall building, across Maryland Parkway from Rebel Books.



See a visual summary of my recent work.

Most of my work explores two main areas:

Lifecycle stages of Digital Media Technologies. I'm interested in identifying and analysing key stages of media technologies, specifically development, marketing, modification, and obsolescence. Sample work in this area over the past ten years: Networking identity: A case study examining social identity in communication technology development (1999); Shaping convergence media (2003, top paper in ComTech Debut category); the collaborative “Swarm” research of the Consumer Electronics Show (2006); Breaking free: The shaping and resisting of mobility (2007); Digital dirt and the entropic artifact (2009); and Deadly and Barren, or Beautiful and Fragile? Exploring the Nighttime Mojave Desert (2012).

Privacy, Surveillance, and Technology Literacy. This research examines social and ethical aspects of mundane and advanced technologies, as well as assessing technological risks in general. Sample work in this area: Dimensions of communication privacy and international computer network design (1995), the co-authored article Examining counter-institutional websites as locations for organizational member voice, dissent, and resistance (2006, winner of the journal's "article of the year" award); Risk education: Teaching (and learning) about technology and uncertainty in society (2007); and A visual typology of surveillance news (2009, 3rd prize in AEJMC's VisCom category).

STEAM (science, tech, eng, arts, and math) recommendations



HON 410 Who's Watching? Media, privacy, and surveillance
HON 410 The secret lives of technology
JOUR 313 Digital documentary photography

JOUR 435

Research methods

JOUR 450

Media technologies and society

JMS 708 Grad colloquium
JMS 712 Grad quantitative research methods
JMS 715 Sci, tech, health communication
JMS 789 Graduate media, privacy, and surveillance

Honors students examine classic game technology design, Pinball Hall of Fame
Honors students examine game technology design during fieldtrip, Pinball Hall of Fame

Student projects

Local Las Vegas (now a defunct site because of server changes) was created by forty students several years ago. Its goal: document underappreciated aspects of Las Vegas, a city in which tourism dominates local and visitor impressions.

The Zkeyn project was created in my Advanced Interactive Media Design course several years ago. Students negotiated challenges in both social collaboration and software development to create a maze-like game based on the classic Myst and using an infamous campus building for visuals.


Battered sign on road frequently used for SUV commercial shoots, Valley of Fire
Worn desert sign, Valley of Fire