Our lab specializes in massive multisite neuronal recordings.
Our main concentration is on the ACC, but we also record from dorsal CA1, the VTA,
and the dorsal striatum. Multisite recordings allow us to record large numbers of
single neurons and field potentials simultaneously in these different
brain areas. This recording method allows us to examine information encoding
in these different areas, as well as discover how information flows between areas,
and in general how these areas interact during our diverse array of behavioral tasks.

All of our implants are made in house and are fully customizable.
We record using Intan Technologies acquisition boards and headstages,
and open source Open Ephys GUI Software.


The Serial Probability Reversal Task (SPRT) was designed to study goal-directed
decision-making behavior in rodents.

Two ports are in the box, while probability of reward per nose-poke differs per port.
There is a 50/50 chance of either port activating, and the animal must nose-poke in it.
Following five of these normal trials, a probe trial occurs. The probe trial activates
both ports, allowing the animal to choose with port to nose-poke. After learning which
port rewards more often, an animal would more likely choose the high-reward-frequency
port. After each probe trial, five more normal trials occur. Once three consecutive
probe trials with high-reward-frequency port choices occur, the reward probability
of each port switches. In this task, one port has a 75% chance of rewarding while the
other has a 25% chance of rewarding.