Plastic beer mugs

Plastic beer mugs

Here is a guest post by Raymond Thomas whose company was behind the plastic beer mug giveaway on

Beer Mugs or steins have a surprisingly great history behind them. Examples of pewter-ware for drinking beer have been found in archeological excavations in Egypt, China and Greece. The word stein actually comes from German words that relate to stoneware. And the more modern version of beer mugs originated during medieval times. Beer steins were typically made of pewter, porcelain, glass, or silver, but were sometimes forged from wood, earthenware and crystal.

During the early years, lids for beer steins were an important new feature. They were used to reduce unsanitary practices; a necessary step due to the prevalence and spread of the Bubonic Plague. During later years, specific sizes and shapes for beer mugs were important to beer drinkers and became associated with different regions. Later, artistic designs on mugs, including stamps and engravings were popularized- an important step towards personalization. In more recent times, plastics have become popular materials for beer mugs due to their durability and the capability for easy customization.

As a beer enthusiast I’ve accumulated a significant collection of plastic beer mugs. I bought some personalized beer mugs sets, a collector’s edition set and some assorted plastic beer mugs. They’re great for parties and I always get compliments on my collection from friends. Before, I had never realized that most people actually pay as much attention to what they’re drinking out of as they do what they’re drinking.

Also, I used to think of plastic mugs as being the same, but they come in all shapes, sizes and designs. They’re not expensive and there are companies online that allow you to customize them and use them for promotional purposes.

As an exceptionally serious beer drinker, I’ve come to an understanding that I have to find ways to entertain everyone when hosting, including my less enthusiastic friends. So I’ve learned to be creative and it has definitely worked out well.

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