Danielle Roth-Johnson, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor-in-Residence, Women's Studies, Interdisciplinary Programs



(702) 895-1024

Spring, 2014 Office Hours: TTh 9:30-11:00 a.m.; Also by e-mail and appointment.






Course Descriptions – Fall, 2014


WMST 113-1021 (Distance Education):  Gender, Race & Class


WMST 113-1016 (TuTh 1-2:15 p.m.; BEH 124):  Gender, Race & Class



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WMST 101-1001:  Introduction to WomenÕs Studies


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WMST 488-1001:  Bodies, Sex & Health


Spring, 2014



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WMST 301:  Feminist Theory



HON 440MH-1001:  Communicating Across Cultures



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WMST 113-1020 & -1021 (Distance Education):  Gender, Race & Class



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Research Interests


The impact of public and environmental policies on womenÕs health

The activism of women in environmental justice movements around the world

Philosophical and sociological reflections on green cultures and environmentalisms


Recent Publications


ŅBack to the Future:  Fran¨oise dÕEaubonne, Ecofeminism and Ecological Crisis.Ó  (The International Journal of Literary Humanities, 2013:  Volume 10, Issue 3)


Recent Conference Papers


"The Dann Case, Sovereignty and Access to Natural Resources:  Are Human Rights Mechanisms Useful in Promoting Environmental Justice?" Paper presented at the annual international meeting of the International Studies Association conference, Toronto, Canada, March 2014.


"Understanding Attitudes Toward Abortion in Latin America:  A Comparison of Argentina, Mexico, El Salvador and Uruguay." Paper presented as first author with John P. Tuman and Ted Jelen at the annual international meeting of the International Studies Association conference, Toronto, Canada, March 2014.



Courses Taught at UNLV


WMST 113 – Gender, Race and Class

WMST 101 – Introduction to WomenÕs Studies

WMST 297 - Women & Religion

WMST 297 – Women, Science & Technology

WMST 302 – Feminist Research Methods

WMST 301 – Feminist Theory

WMST 497 - Feminist Praxis

WMST 490/690 – Green Feminism:  Women, Sustainability and the Environment

WMST 490/690 - Gender & Performance

WMST 488 – Bodies, Sex and Health

FOL 198X – French for Reading and Translation