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Risk Problems

This page contains a number of unsolved problems. Some are based on material in Should We Risk It?, while others are stand-alone

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This page contains a variety of PowerPoint lectures, as well as lecture notes and outlines

About Should We Risk It

This page contains updates, ordering information, book reviews and author information. Includes minor errata found so far in the paperback edition,as well as information about the Japanese Language Edition.

This page contains syllabi that are used for risk courses


Support Material

This page contains such things as handouts for bootstrapping and statistical methods, and so on



Introduction to Risk Analysis Teaching and Learning

This page outlines an underlying (or overarching) philosophy for risk analysis education, goals for risk analysis courses, and a list of useful topics and methods

Risk Education Links

This page contains links to some useful risk analysis material available on-line

Reading and Book List

This page contains suggested readings for various risk analysis topic, as well as short book reviews. To have your book added, please send a copy to the address below.

Monte Carlo materials

Lecture, problem sets, and other Monte Carlo analysis materials and links.


Submission Guidelines

This page contains guidelines and information for submitting lectures, problems, and so on

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