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Current Research Projects Involve Two Major Areas of Investigation:



Emotion Processing

















Emotion Processing:

Dr. Allen's laboratory also investigates cognitive and neuropsychological components of emotional information processing. Recent investigations have focused on facial affect processing, memory, attention, and hemispheric processing. Emotion investigations frequently utilize eye-tracking and reaction time to measure cognition.



Audio-visual processing of emotion and the emotional McGurk effect 

Investigations of discrete basic emotions and valence-arousal theories in relation to attention, memory, facial recognition, and hemispheric processing (Click to See Poster)

Differences in learning (e.g., learning slope, proactive/retroactive interference) for discrete emotional words

Differences in recall and recognition memory for discrete emotional words

The development of standardized emotional stimuli (e.g., word-lists, sounds, pictures) that assess discrete emotions

Differences in attention bias for words, pictures, and faces using the emotional Stroop task

Differences in facial affect identification among basic emotions (reaction time, accuracy, eye-tracking/visual scanpaths)

Differences in hemispheric processing of emotional words, faces, and pictures that represent discrete positive and negative emotions  

Cognitive and neuropsychological correlates of positive emotion 



For further information regarding research on emotion processing, please e-mail the emotion processing research group coordinator: Carol Randall - keebot@cox.net


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