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graduate Program: (MS, PhD)

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I. Outline of the Course


Instructor: Hokwon A. Cho, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Office: CDC 1008 (Building #10, Room 1008), Office phone: 895-0393 (Math. Sci. dept. office: 895-3567), E-mail: cho@unlv.nevada.edu.

Class Time and Location: Tu, Th 8:30 am - 9:45am, CBC C-TBA.

Office Hours: Tu & Th: 1:00 pm-3:00 pm or by appointment.

Textbook: Statistical Decision Theory and Bayesian Analysis, 2nd. Edition, by J. Berger, Springer-Verlag.


Scope of the Course: The course provides an overview of concepts and procedures on statistical decision-making under uncertainty. We examine its philosophy and develop the methods from the point of view of game theory, optimization and decision theory. The major topics will be covered are:


1.       Foundations of Statistical Decision Theory - Loss, Risk, Information, Decision rules/functions, Utility function, Completeness (Sufficiency), Invariance, Convexity, Admissibility, Minimax.

2.       Bayesian Methods - Elicitation of subjective probabilities, Priors and posteriors, Predictive distribution, Bayes rules/estimators, Bayesian testing, Empirical Bayes, Criticism.

3.       Sequential Analysis - Sampling strategies, Two-stage sampling, Sequential probability ratio test (SPRT), Bayesian sequential analysis.

4.       Multiple Decision Theory - Multiple Comparisons, Classification, Ranking and Selection.

5.       Recent Topics in Statistical Decision Theory - Statistical Learning and its Theory (- if time is permitted).


Homework: There will be roughly weekly assignments will be given in class (on a Tuesday) and expected to turn in on time. Some of them will be discussed in class.


Grading: The course grade is evaluated based upon the following components: Homework & assignments - 20%, Two tests (in class) - 25% each, Final Exam - 30%.


Exams: There will be two midterm exams most likely on 6th and 11th week. The final exam is scheduled according to the university calendars and schedules.


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II. Textbook Information


Title:          Introduction to Statistical Decision Theory & Recent Development.

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III. Bulletin Board


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IV. Handouts, Data Sets & Other Resources


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