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This page provides a list of selected publications – book and articles. Preprints and reprints are available. Some of the working papers and projects are not shown here, but it will be updated as they are ready.

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I.  Books and Monographs


§  Introduction to Regression Analysis. (2004) Wessex Institute of Technology, WIT press, 452pp+xiv. ISBN: 1-85312-624-1, Southampton, United Kingdom. (with M. Golberg).

  Revised and Updated Edition (2010). ISBN: 978-1-85312-624-6, 3rd printing.


II.  Selected Journal Articles


Journal Articles (Peer-reviewed)


§  Two-stage procedure of inference for risk ratio. (2016) Submitted. (with Z. Wang).

§  On fixed-width confidence limits for the risk ratio with sequential sampling. (2016) Submitted. (with Z. Wang).

§  Approximate confidence limits for the ratio of two binomial variates with unequal sample sizes, Communications for Statistical Applications and Methods. (2013) 20 (5) 347-356.

§  Statistical identification in multinomial models with sequential sampling, American Journal of Mathematical and Management Sciences. (2009) 29 (1&2) 139-156.

§  Milton Sobel – A precious name remains everlasting in my statistics career. American Journal of Mathematical and Management Sciences. (2009) 29 (1&2) 25-30.

§  Sequential confidence limits for the ratio of two binomial proportions, International Journal of Statistics and Management System, (2008) 3 (1-2) 26-42. (with Z. Govindarajulu).

§  Sequential Risk-Efficient Estimation for the Ratio of Two Binomial Proportions, Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, (2007) 127 (7) 2336-2346.

§  Some comments on mitigating the ill-conditioning of the method of fundamental solutions, Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements, (2006) 30 (5) 405-410. (with C.S. Chen and M. Golberg).

§  Risk-efficient sequential estimation of the number of multinomial cells, Communications in Statistics - Theory and Methods, (2004) 33 (9) 2159-2174. (with Z. Govindarajulu).

§  Trefftz methods for time dependent partial differential equations, CMC: Computer, Materials and Continua, (2004) 1 (1) 1-38. (with M. Golberg, A. Muleshkov and X. Li).

§  Sequential confidence intervals for the number of cells in a multinomial population, Statistics, (2004) 38 (4) 357-370. (with Z. Govindarajulu).

§  Inverse-type sampling procedure for estimating the number of multinomial classes, Sequential Analysis, (2003) 22 (4) 307-324.

§  Sequential estimation of the number of multinomial cells, American Journal of Mathematical and Management Sciences, (2002) 22, (1-2) 15-30. (with Z. Govindarajulu).


Working Papers (In progress)


§  Two-stage procedure for fixed-width confidence intervals for the risk ratio.

§  Zero-inflated time series model.

§  Testing multinomial categories with sequential sampling.

§  Generalization of coupon collection models.


III.  Research & Projects


 Research Projects   


§  Two-Stage Procedure for the Ratio of Two Binomial Samples.

§  Ranking-and-Selection Methodologies and Statistical Learning Theory.

§  Linear models - Regression models, EIV model, Quantile regression, Model misspecification.

§  Inference on Mixed Model with Heavy-tailed Distributions.

§  Radial Basis Functions and Methods Fundamental Solutions.


   Research Grant Proposals  


§  Two-Stage Procedure for the Risk Ratio

§  Testing the Goodness-of-fit for Multinomial Categories.

§  Applications of Dirichlet Integrals to Extended Multinomial Problems.


   Book/Monograph Projects


§  Statistical Decision Theory & Related Topics - Recent Developments and Learning Theory – Modern Theory, Paradigms, Philosophy and Applications. Introductory graduate-level textbook or research monograph.

§  Modern Regression Analysis & Linear Modeling – More comprehensive contents with recent developments of theory and method. Introductory graduate-level textbook or research monograph.

§  Introduction to Mathematical Statistics - Theory and Applications – A precise undergraduate senior level or introductory graduate-level textbook or for researchers in statistical methods.


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