Psychology 712

Spring 2012


Graduate Catalog Entry

PSY 712 - 3 credits
Principles of evaluating and constructing psychological tests using psychometric theory and behavioral assessment methodology. Prerequisite: Graduate standing.


Syllabus Syllabus
Office Hours Monday 2:30 - 4:00 CBC B135 and by appointment
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Project 1

Lab 1-1 Drafting your rating scale
Lab 1-2 Editing your rating scale
Lab 1-3 Finalizing your rating scale

Bonus Data Entry Bonus Assignment

Project 2 Background Labs

Overview of labs for SPSS 18.0
  Lab 1: Introduction to SPSS
  Lab 2: Syntax Windows
  Lab 3: Checking your Work
  Lab 4: Recoding
  Lab 5: Correlation
SPSS Research Data

Research Data
(Using Internet Explorer, right click on the Research Data, select "Save As", and save this data to your floppy disk.)
Recoded Research Data

Project 2

Project 2 Proposal
Overview and Final Report
Project 2 Part A
Project 2 Part B
Project 2 Part C
Project 2 Part D
Project 2 Poster Bonus

Project 2 Additional Materials Example Factor Analysis Write-up (pay attention to Results of Initial Factor Analysis on page 451; the factor analysis results in Table 8; and the descriptions of factors in Table 9)
Parallel Analysis Part 1
Parallel Analysis Part 2
MAP Test
Selecting the Optimal Rotation
Dr. Barchard's Data for Project 2

Class Project Study Description
Project 2 Data

Supplemental Materials: Descriptions of Measures
Descriptions of Dr. Barchard's Seven Measures



Online Research
Research Interests