Psychology 712

Spring 2005


Graduate Catalog Entry

PSY 712 - 3 credits
Standardized Tests and Measurements
Principles of evaluating and constructing psychological tests using psychometric theory and behavioral assessment methodology. Prerequisite: Graduate standing.


Syllabus Syllabus
Statistics Background
Office Hours

Tuesday 1:00 - 2:00 in CBC B346
Friday 2:30 - 3:30 in CBC B135
And by appointment

Student Contact Information Email Dr. Barchard to have this sent to you.
Project 1 Labs

Overview and Final Project
Part A
Part B

Project 1 Additional Materials Ethics in On-Line Data Collection (If you have forgotten the password, email Kim)
UNLV IRB Basic Elements of Informed Consent
Example Debriefing Scoring Key
  Sample Consent Form A (for Dr. Barchard's Project 2 data)
Sample Consent Form B (for Emotions and Personality study)

Example Debriefing Form 1 (on Stroop Effect)
Example Debriefing Form 2 (for Dr. Barchard's Project 2 data)


Sample IRB Proposals

  Subject Pool Supervised 2 sessions
  Subject Pool Unsupervised 1 session
  Internet Advertising Unsupervised 1 session


Project 2 Labs

Background Labs
Part A
Part B
Part C
Part D

Project 2 Additional Materials Example Factor Analysis Table
Example Factor Analysis Write-up (pay attention to Results of Initial Factor Analysis, page 10; factor analyiss results in Table 8; descriptions of factors in Table 9)
Parallel Analysis Part 1
Parallel Analysis Part 2
MAP Test
Data for Background Labs

Research Data
(Using Internet Explorer, right click on the Research Data, select "Save As", and save this data to your floppy disk.)
Recoded Research Data

Dr. Barchard's Data for Project 2

Class Project Study Description
Project 2 Data

Supplemental Materials: Descriptions of Measures
Descriptions of Dr. Barchards Seven Measures


Practice Quiz 1 Answers
Quiz 1 Answers
Practice Quiz 2 Answers
Quiz 2 Answers
Practice Quiz 3 Answers
Bonus Assignments Missing Paragraph
Factor Analysis Proposal
Conference Poster


Online Research
Research Interests