Psychology 481

Summer 2003


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PSY 481    Principles of Psychological Testing

Theory, construction, and applicaiton of standard psychological tests.
Prerequisite: PSY 101, 210, and 240 and additional courses to total 18 credits in psychology.
3 credits.

Syllabus Syllabus
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Research Credits Research Participation Summary
  Registering for Experimetrix (1 research credit if done by Fri June 13)
  Subject Pool Website
Data for Background Labs

Research Data
(Using Internet Explorer, right click on the Research Data, select "Save As", and save this data to your floppy disk.)
Recoded Research Data

Background Labs Lab 0: Finding a Study Partner
  Lab 1: Introduction to SPSS
  Lab 2: Recoding
  Lab 3: Syntax Windows
  Lab 4: Correlation
  Lab 5: Standard Scores
Project 1 resources Project 1 Data (Using Internet Explorer, right click on the link, and use Save As) (Note: You need to get the password from Dr. Barchard to access the data)
Project 1 Lab 0: Overview
  Lab 1: Introduction
  Lab 2: Sample
  Lab 3: Measures and Procedures
  Project 1 Supplement: Descriptions of Measures (Note: You need to get the password from Dr. Barchard to access this file)
  Lab 4: Reliability
  Lab 5: Item Analysis for Internal Consistency
  Lab 6: Validity (Draft)
  Lab7: Item Analysis for Convergent Validity (Draft)
  Lab8: Discussion (Draft)
  Lab 9: Final Report (Draft)
Project 2 resources Ethics in On-Line Data Collection
Informed Consent Supplement
Project 2 labs Lab 0: Overview
  Lab 1: Your CFO Account
  Lab 2: Ethics
  Lab 3: New Measure
  Lab 4: Event Handler (Draft)
  Lab 5: Informed Consent (Draft)
  Lab 6: Debriefing (Draft)
  Lab 7: Dreamweaver (Draft)
  Lab 8: Event Handler Part 2 (Draft)


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