Psychology 406

(Independent Research Psy 498)

Summer 2003


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PSY 406 Intermediate Statistics

Theory and application of parametric and non-parametric statistical inference, including special correlation methods. Prerequisite: PSY 210. 3 credits.

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Research Lab Assignments


Introduction to SPSS Lab 1: Introduction to SPSS
  Lab 2: Recoding
  Lab 3: Syntax
Regression Lab 4: Correlation (Review)
  Lab 5: Regression
  Lab 6: Multiple Regression
  Lab 7: Hierarchical Multiple Regression
  Project 1: Regression
ANOVA Lab 8: One-sample t-test (Review)
  Lab 9: Dependent sample t (Review)
  Lab 10: Independent sample t-test (Review)
  Lab 11: One-Way ANOVA
  Lab 12: Multiple Comparison Procedures
  Lab 13: Two-Way ANOVA
  Lab 14: Repeated Measures ANOVA
  Lab 15: Between-Within ANOVA
  Project 2: ANOVA
Factor Analysis Lab 16: The First Principal Component
  Lab 17: Extraction
  Lab 18: Number of Factors
  Lab 19: Rotation and Interpretation
  Lab 20: Assumptions
  Project 3: Factor Analysis


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