Psychology 210

Fall 2008


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PSY 210      Introduction to Statistical Methods

Study and practise with statistical methods especially useful in the presentation and interpretion of psychological data. Prerequisite: PSY 101 and MAT 096, 124, or 126, or satisfactory placement on the mathematics pretest or consent of the instructor.
4 credits.

Syllabus Syllabus
Dr. Barchard's Office Hours

Mon 6 -7pm, Thurs 11:30 - 12:30

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Statistics Links on the Internet Statistics Links
SPSS Research Data

Research Data
(Using Internet Explorer, right click on the Research Data, select "Save As", and save this data to your floppy disk.)
Recoded Research Data
Global Warming Data

Computer Lab Hours Open Lab hours
Lab Assignments

Core 1 Study Partners
Core 2 Graphs in Everyday Life
Core 3 Introduction to SPSS
Core 4 SPSS Graphs
Core 5 SPSS Syntax
Core 6: Subgroups
Core 7: One Sample t-test
Core 8: Reading a Resarch Report
Core 9: Independent Sample t-test
Core 10: Correlation

Core 11: Conference Poster: Overview
  Global Warming
  Sex Differences in Car Accidents
  Underage Smoking and Drinking



Elective 1 Your SCR Account
Elective 2 After Your Degree
Elective 3 Recoding
Elective 4 Applied Examples
Elective 5 Art of Statistics
Elective 6 Statistics in the News
Elective 7 Design a Survey

Quizzes and Practice Quizzes

Quizzes from previous semesters of Psy 210 are listed under each semester.

Quiz 1 Answers
Quiz 2 Answers
Quiz 3 Answers
Quiz 4 Answers
Final Answers


Practice Problems
(not for marks)

Central Tendency and Shape
Probability Practice Problems
Probability Problems for Non-Independent Events
Normal Table Practice Sheet
Standard Score Practice Sheet
Understanding Hypothesis Testing
Hypothesis Testing Practice Sheet One Sample and Independent Sample t-tests
Correlation Practice Sheet

Handouts Probability Formula Decision Tree
What Inferential Procedure to Use
Estimating your Final Course Grade Estimating Your Final Course Grade
Example Calculations of Final Course Grades


Online Research
Research Interests