Inversions preserve angles

The following script shows that inversion in the circle preserves angles.   An angle at P can be thought of as the sum (or difference) of two angles, both made with respect to a ray through O.  Thus, we need only check angles like the one in the following sketch.  The angle is at P, and is created by the ray OP and the line PQ.  The image of the ray OP is itself, and the image of the line PQ is the circle through O.  The image of P is P', and we want to check that the angle the tangent to the circle at P' makes with the ray OP is the same as the angle at P.  That is, we want to check that the angle RPP' is the same as the angle RP'P.  The following does this.  Change the location of P by moving P, and change the angle at P by moving Q.  You can change the circle we are inverting in by moving O and S.

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