College Geometry, MAT 480/680, Fall 2002

This is the home page and first day handout for MAT 480/680, meeting MWF from 3:30 -- 4:20 in CBC-C225. My name is Dr. Arthur Baragar, my office is CBC-B 308 and I can be reached at 895-0378. Important information announced in class will also be posted on this web page (URL listed below). The prerequisite for this course is MAT 181 or consent of the instructor. To survive in this course, you must also know how to multiply, invert, and take determinants of 2x2 matrices (so you should have studied some linear algebra -- this is covered in MAT 126 and MAT 253).  

Syllabus: This course will cover the following topics of geometry:

Text:  A Survey of Classical and Modern Geometries, by Arthur Baragar, published by Prentice Hall.

Other Supplies: Please obtain a blank floppy or two on which you'll write your Geometer's Sketchpad assignments, or be prepared to e-mail assignments. PC format is preferred, but Mac is ok, though Mac users are strongly encouraged to learn how to e-mail assignments. These assignments can be done on campus computers in CEB 309, CBC-B133, CBC-B322, or at home if you have a copy of Geometer's Skecthpad. A ruler and compass will also be required to do some exams.  Geometer's Sketchpad is currently on all Clark County School District computers, so you may want your own copy.

Geometer's Skectchpad can be purchased from the bookstore (I think) or from Key Curriculum Press for $39.95 plus shipping.

Grading Scheme: This is the grading scheme for this course:

Exams one and two will have an in class component and a take home component.  Exam three is a take home exam.  The take home components are due the following Monday at the beginning of class.  The grading scheme for students taking MAT 680 will be slightly different. There is no preset corelation between numerical grades and letter grades.  A letter grade (without + or -) will be included with the return of each exam and will cover all exams up to then.

Office Hours: If you need to see me, please look for me during the office hours posted below, or please make an appointment. If there is no one in my office during the last half of the office hour, I will feel free to leave, so please arrive early. Office hours begin the second week of classes. Exam week office hours (if any) will be posted later.

Other Important Dates (from page 6 of the Fall 2002 Schedule): "If you have a documented disability that may require assistance, you will need to go directly to the Disability Resource Center (DRC) for coordination in your academic accommodations. The DRC is located in the Reynolds Student Services Building in Room 137. The DRC phone number is 895-0866, TDD 895-0652, and www"

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