MAT 127, Precalculus II, Fall 2003

This is the home page/first day handout for My name is Dr. Arthur Baragar. My office is CBC-B 308 and I can be reached at 895-0378. Important information announced in class will also be posted on this web page (URL listed below.)

Prerequisites:  To take this course, you must have either: (1) an ACT score of 24, (2) a SAT score of 560, or (3) a C or better in MAT 126.

Text: The textbook is Precalculus, 5th edition, by David Cohen, published by West Publishing.

Syllabus: We will cover:

Grading Scheme: There is no preset correlation between numerical grades and your final letter grade. A letter grade (usually without + or -) will be included with the return of each exam.  This letter grade will represent your standing in the class so far (not just the current exam.)

Sample exams:  The following are sample exams from a previous year:

When the time nears, I will let you know how appropriate these exams are.  You will need Acrobat Reader to view the above sample exams.

Office Hours: If you need to see me, please look for me during the office hours posted below, or please make an appointment. If there is no one in my office during the last half-hour of the office hour, I will feel free to leave, so please arrive early. Office hours begin the second week of classes.

Other Important Dates: "If you have a documented disability that requires assistance, you will need to go to Disability Services (DS) for coordination in your academic accommodations. DS is located within the Learning Enhancement Services office in the Reynolds Student Services Center, Room 137. The DS phone number is 702-895-0866, TDD 895-0652."  Their website is at

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