Instructions for setting up MikTeX, WinEdt and accompanying software.

(Created by Arthur Baragar.)

This file was created to accompany a CD with the necessary software to facilitate installation on Departmental machines.  Hence the occassional reference to a CD.  If you are a member of the department and wish to borrow the CD, please let me know.

     *** Descriptions of programs, where to get updated versions, and why one should install them ***

  Ghostscript:  Required to view .eps files (pictures) if these are included in a TeX document.  Ghostscript also converts postscript files to pdf files.  The path commands described below are necessary if the ps2pdf button is to work in WinEdt.  I don't use Ghostscript to convert ps files to pdf files (I use Adobe Distiller instead).  Downloaded from  (I've included this info incase the material on the CD is stale.)
  MikTeX:  The guts of this all.  This is the program that includes TeX, LaTeX, and Yap (a dvi viewer).  Downloaded with the help of their download program, available from
  WinEdt:  A text editor developed primarily to simplify the use of MikTeX.  Downloaded from
  Ghostview (optional):  This program allows one to view postscript files.  I don't use it.
  Adobe Acrobat Reader:  Use this program to read pdf files.  In their download list, Adobe implies a dependence on the version of Windows being used, so please downlaod the viewer from

     *** License Info ***

Ghostscript, MikTeX, and Ghostview do not require licenses.  I'm not sure of the history of GhostScript and Ghostview, but I suspect it is similar to that of, say, unix.  MikTeX is part of the Tex project, which is supported by the international academic community.  WinEdt requires a License.  The department has bought 10 copies of WinEdt.  These may be installed on 10 UNLV machines.  If you are a professor and wish to install a version on your home PC, I encourage you to convince the department to purchase a personal version ($40) rather than use one of these copies.  A personal license allows you to install a copy on your home PC too.

     *** Installation Instructions ***

Install Ghostscript:  Double click gs700w32.exe and follow the instructions.  Now, follow one of the two options below.

Best option, but I haven't figured out how to do this on Win2000 and later operating systems:
Right click the file c:\autoexec.bat and select edit.  Insert the lines
     set Path=C:\gs\gs7.00\bin;%PATH%
     set Path=C:\gs\gs7.00\lib;%PATH%
Save and close the file.  (These changes won't take effect until the machine is next booted, but there is no hurry to restart the machine.)

Another option, which may be the only choice for those with Win2000, WinME, WinNT, etc.  This makes the ps2pdf button work:
Find the file ps2pdf.bat, which should be at C:\Program Files\WinEdt\Bin\ps2pdf.bat.  Right click on this file and select edit (make a backup copy, if desired).  Change the line
    gswin32c -dBATCH -dNOPAUSE -sDEVICE=pdfwrite -sOutputFile=%1.pdf -c save pop -f
    c:\gs\gs7.00\bin\gswin32c.exe -dBATCH -dNOPAUSE -sDEVICE=pdfwrite -sOutputFile=%1.pdf -c save pop -f
(or whatever path gswin32c.exe might be at).

Install MikTeX:  In the MikTeX folder, run setup.exe.  When prompted, click install. Select small.  It prompts you for a location; browse to the location
where D is the drive that has this CD.

Install WinEdt:  In the WinEdtInstall folder, double click setup.exe and follow the instructions.  However, if there is an earlier version already installed (this is v5.2), then label the old winedt directory as winedt.old before running setup.exe.  Installing this version "on top" of the old version may lead to conflicts.  Once satisfied that the new version is preferable, and that there is nothing of value in the old version, you may delete it.

Register WinEdt: In WinEdt (start > winedt), go to help and register.  The name and code must be entered exactly as follows (suggestion:  copy and paste from the readme file):
 Name: Mathematical Sciences - UNLV (10-user Site License)
 Code:  *** Ask me for the code ***
(Please do not pass on this code.  I need to keep track of which UNLV machines have WinEdt loaded using this license, so if someone wants the code, please direct them to me.)  

Dictionary: WinEdt 5.2 comes with an appropriate dictionary.  It can be modified to suit your spelling tastes (British and US variants or mixed).  Despite my Canadian heritage, for the most part I use American (Webster) spelling.  The WinEdt 5.2 default is Webster with one modification.  It considers "labelled" to be spelt correctly, while "labeled" is not.  The latter is Webster's prefered spelling.  To change WinEdt so that it recognizes "labeled" and not "labelled," while in WinEdt, select the "options" pull down menu and "dictionary." In the "dictionaries" tab, scroll down and select "English (labelled)."  Right click and select close.  The "status" should now read "not loaded."  Next, scroll to "English (labeled)."  Right click and select "load."  While doing so, you'll note options for other spelling tastes (color vs colour, maximize vs maximise, center vs centre -- or both when the latter is used only for places, and analyze vs analyse).

Install Ghostview (optional):  Double click gsv40w32.exe and follow the instructions.