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Spring 2017

Instructor:  Bob Ain

Office:  CDC 710

Phone: (702) 895-5173

Office Hours: 1300-1400 MTWR, or by appointment


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Never, never, never, never give up. Sir Winston Churchill. 

Current Notes:  (1745/17 Apr 2017)

Points for Test Three are posted.  Quite a few of y'all stepped up your game.  Now is the time to keep going.  Everyone is still in the game.  Approved Solutions are posted.

NOW is the time to prepare for the final.  Allot some of your math time every day to working problems from the Final Exam study guide.  You clearly won't be able to do the stuff we haven't covered yet, but there is plenty that we have covered.  If you put off preparation until study week, you will paint yourself into a corner.  The study guide tells you everything you need to know about what's on the final exam.  A second study guide has been added to the links below.  I think most of it comes from the guide you already have.  Preparedness predicts performance.

Writing Assignment, due 24 Apr (sections 1005/1006) or 25 Apr (sections 1013/1014):  "The Three Most Important Things I Learned in MATH 124."  A page and a half, single spaced, typed.  As always, spelling, grammar, creativity and clarity all count.

Offline Homework Five is due 01 May (sections 1005/1006) or 02 May (sections 1013/1014).

Portfolios are due 03 May (sections 1005/1006) or 04 May (sections 1013/1014).  Instructions are posted.  If you would like to see what a portfolio looks like, I have a few in my office.

I decided to cut y'all some slack on the online homework.  The homework check you were expecting this week has been postponed and combined with the last homework check on 05 May.  That means those of you who are behind on your homework have time to catch up.  Those of you current on your homework have more time to study for the final.  Nobody loses on this deal.  Half of your online homework grade is yet to go.  Make it count.  Complete and correct gets the points.

Have I mentioned I have an office hour every day Monday to Thursday, and LOVE it when students stop in to talk about math?

I highly recommend our math tutoring clinic in building CDC 7.  It is open 0900-1700 Monday thru Friday.  Our tutors are highly proficient, extremely patient, and committed to helping you master your math.  There is no charge for UNLV math students.  More information here.

I've found a few people that not only know how to succeed in a math class, they were bold enough to write it down for you.  Sometimes, they talk about "calculus," but if you insert "math" it will work just as well.  Links are here.

Do math every day.


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