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Sections 1001, 1005, 1020, 1035

Fall 2016

Instructor:  Bob Ain

Office:  CDC 710

Phone: (702) 895-5173

Office Hours: 1300-1400 MTWR, or by appointment


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Section 1001      ain18932

Section 1005      ain33321

Section 1020      ain93758

Section 1035      ain11911



Never, never, never, never give up. Sir Winston Churchill.  Words to live by.

Current Notes:  (1042/24 Aug 16)

Welcome to College Algebra (MATH 124).  This is the core mathematics requirement for most majors at UNLV, covering a lot of powerful and useful mathematics.  The course is neither trivial nor impossible.  You will have to work hard to succeed, but remember:  If you aren't having fun, you're not doing it right.

Things to print out and COMPLETE before the second class meeting:  Qualification Sheet, Pretest, and Properties Worksheet.  All three are available at links below.  I will collect the first two, and we will use the worksheet in class.

Things to print out for your own use:  Assignment Summary and Syllabus.  Both are available at links below.

Writing Assignment, due 06 Sep (Sections 1020, 1035) or 07 Sep (Sections 1001, 1005):  "Math Autobiography,"  the story of you and math from the beginning.  At least a page, single spaced, typed.  As always, spelling, grammar, clarity, and creativity all count.

Online homework is an important portion of your grade in this class.  Make sure you get registered and working on the MyMathLab homework promptly.  A few days procrastination will put you substantially behind; not a good way to start the course.

Good deal for MATH 124 students:  The Math Tutoring Clinic is open daily (Monday-Friday) for your use.  Our tutors are smart, talented, patient, and comitted to helping you master the material in this course.  The enterprise is funded by student fees; there is no additional cost.  Several of my students have credited the work they did there as essential to their success in math class.

I've found a few people that not only know how to succeed in a math class, they were bold enough to write it down for you.  Sometimes, they talk about "calculus," but if you insert "math" it will work just as well.  Links are here.

Do math every day.



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Assignment Summary


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