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Section 1005

Summer 2017

Instructor:  Bob Ain

Office:  CDC 710

Phone: (702) 895-5173

Office Hours: 0940-1040 MTWRF, or by appointment


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Never, never, never, never give up. Sir Winston Churchill. 

Current Notes:  (1605/24 May 2017)

Your math autobiographies were very nice.  Points are posted in the gradebook below.  You'll get your reference number when I hand back the papers tomorrow.

Offline HW One is due 25 May.  Offline HW Two is due 26 May.  All I will collect is the answer sheets.

Expect me to give some points for online homework soon.  Complete and correct gets the points.

Test One is 30 May.  Now is a pretty good time to start getting ready.  Preparation Predicts Performance.

Tutoring is available in CDC-7 1000-1600 Monday-Friday.  Our tutors are well-qualified, patient, and committed to helping you increase your mathematical power.  I highly recommend you take advantage of this opportunity.  Several of my students have reported it to be the difference between failure and success.  The enterprise is funded by student fees; there is no additional charge for UNLV math students.  More info here.

I found a few people that not only know something about math and how to learn it, but were willing to write it down for you.  Note that some of them talk about "calculus," but if you insert "math" it will work just as well.  Check them out here.

Do math every day.


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