Journals by Category, Abbreviations, and Supplementary Material

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Ecology Journals

Acta Oecologica

Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment

American Journal of Botany   

American Midland Naturalist   

American Naturalist 

Annals of Applied Biology

Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden 

Austral Ecology (formerly Australian Journal of Ecology)

Biodiversity and Conservation

Biodiversity Science   

Biological Conservation   


Canadian Field-Naturalist

Canadian Journal of Botany

Canadian Journal of Plant Science

Community Ecology (merge of Abstracta Botanica/Coenoses)   

Conservation Biology 

Contributions to Botany

Diversity and Distributions  


Ecological Applications   

Ecological Indicators  

Ecological Modelling 

Ecological Monographs   


Ecology and Society (formerly Conservation Ecology) 

Ecology Letters



Environmental and Experimental Botany

Environmental History (formerly Journal of Forest History)

Environmental Management

Environmental Monitoring and Assessment  

Fire Ecology 

Grass and Forage Science

Grassland Science

International Journal of Plant Sciences (formerly Botanical Gazette)

Invasive Plant Science and Management

Journal of Applied Ecology   

Journal of Arid Environments

Journal of Biogeography

Journal of Chemical Ecology

Journal of Ecology 

Journal of Environmental Management

Journal of Environmental Quality

Journal of Practical Ecology and Conservation  

Journal of Range Management (now Rangeland Ecology and Management

Journal of Soil and Water Conservation

Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society   

Journal of Vegetation Science   

Journal of Wildlife Management

Land and Water  

Landscape and Urban Planning   

Landscape Ecology


New Phytologist



Plant and Soil

Plant Ecology (formerly Vegetatio)  

Plant Species Biology


Seed Science and Technology

Seed Science Research

Seed Technology

Weed Research

Weed Science

Weed Technology

Wetlands Ecology and Management


Forestry Journals

Canadian Journal of Forest Research

Forest Ecology and Management

Forest Science

Forestry Chronicle

Journal of Forest Research

Journal of Forestry   

Journal of Sustainable Forestry  

Northern Journal of Applied Forestry   

Southern Journal of Applied Forestry   

Western Journal of Applied Forestry


Restoration Ecology Journals

Applied Vegetation Science

Arid Land Research and Management

Arid Soil Research and Rehabilitation

Ecological Management and Restoration

Ecological Restoration

Land Degradation and Development

Natural Areas Journal

Native Plants Journal

Restoration Ecology

Geography/Geology/Soils Journals

Annals of the Association of American Geographers

Biology and Fertility of Soils


Geological Society of America Bulletin


Journal of Hydrology

Journal of Soil Science

Physical Geography

Progress in Physical Geography

Soil Science

Soil Science Society of America Journal

Transactions of the American Geophysical Union


Review Journals

Advances in Agronomy

Advances in Ecological Research

Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics

Biological Reviews

Botanical Review

Environmental Reviews

Quarterly Review of Biology

Trends in Ecology and Evolution


Regional Ecology Journals

Brimleyana (NC State Museum of Natural History)

British Columbia Journal of Ecosystems and Management

Bulletin of the Ohio Biological Survey

Bulletin of the Southern California Academy of Sciences

California Agriculture (University of California)



Crossosoma (Southern California Botanists)  

Desert Plants 

Fremontia (California Native Plant Society)

Grasslands (California Native Grassland Association)

Illinois Natural History Bulletin


Mentzelia (Nevada Native Plant Society) 

Michigan Botanist

Northeastern Naturalist

Northwest Science

Prairie Naturalist


Southeastern Naturalist

Southwestern Naturalist

Western North American Naturalist (formerly Great Basin Naturalist)


State Journals

Journal of the Arizona-Nevada Academy of Science

Journal of the Elisha Mitchell Scientific Society (North Carolina)

Journal of the Kentucky Academy of Science (links to other state academies)

Journal of the South Carolina Academy of Science    

Michigan Academician 

New Mexico Journal of Science 

Ohio Journal of Science 

Proceedings of the Indiana Academy of Science 

Transactions of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters


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Journal of Ecology (includes leaf litter appendix)


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