Ecology and Restoration of Arizona Ponderosa Pine Forests

Examples of Northern Arizona Organizations Associated with Ecological Restoration

Ecological Restoration Institute at Northern Arizona University

Greater Flagstaff Forests Partnership

Grand Canyon Trust

Southwest Forest Alliance

Coconino National Forest

Kaibab National Forest

Arizona Strip Field Office (Bureau of Land Management)

Northern Arizona University Centennial Forest

Merriam-Powell Center for Environmental Research


Ecological Restoration Institute Resources

Seed bank bibliography (compiled by J.D. Springer)

Restoration News 1(1), 2004

Restoration News 2(1), 2005


Climate Data

Western Regional Climate Center

National Climatic Data Center Palmer Index and Others

Fire Weather

RAWS USA Climate Archive

ROMAN Climate


Literature Databases

Thinning/Burning Effects on Ponderosa Ground-Flora (Word Document)

Ponderosa Pine Literature 1974-1998 (Los Alamos Laboratory)

USDA Forest Service Information Library

Merriam-Powell Center for Environmental Research Ponderosa Pine

Merriam-Powell P-J Database

Fuels and Fire Behavior Annotated Bibliography

Aspen Bibliography

Ecology of Southwestern Ponderosa Pine (RMRS-GTR-292)

Ecology of Black Hills Ponderosa Pine (2002; RMRS-GTR-97)

Wildland Fire in Ecosystems: Effects of Fire on Flora (2000; RMRS-GTR-42)

Fire Effects Information System (USDA Forest Service)

Rocky Mountain Research Station Publications

Publications of the Forest Service Shrub Sciences Laboratory

Beaver Creek Watershed Multi-Resource Evaluations (Arizona)

Colorado Plateau Vegetation

Colorado Plateau Land Use Bibliography

Arizona State University Herbarium Bibliography

Digital Flora of Texas Bibliography

Southern New Mexico Vegetation Studies

Bibliography of Nevada and Utah Vegetation (pre 1990, search WNAN archives)

Northern Madrean Biogeographic Province Bibliography (RMRS-RN-7)

Oklahoma Species Richness and Ecology Bibliography

Pacific Northwest Research Station Hardwood Biology Publications

University of Wisconsin Arboretum Restoration Database

Cedar Creek Natural History Area Research Database (Minnesota)

Canadian Journal of Plant Science "Weed" Reviews

Canadian Plant Literature (you can search for Can. J. Plant Sci. reviews here)

Delta - Large Number of Databases Including Grasses of the World

Old-Field Succession Bibliography

Silvics of North America

Ultimate Tree-Ring Web Pages (massive dendro database)

NatureServe (data on species and rare ecosystems)

Southern Research Station (large Forest Service database)

Google Scholarly Search Beta


Ground-Flora Resources

Arizona Local Floras (2004, J. AZ-NV Acad. Sci. 37:1-55)

Arizona Native Plant Society

The Arboretum at Flagstaff

University of Arizona Herbarium

Arizona State University Vascular Plant Herbarium

University of California Herbarium

Northern Arizona Flora

Rare Arizona Plants (Arizona Game and Fish)

Southwest Rare and Endangered Plants (third conference proceedings)

USDA Plants Database

Fact Sheets of Western Canada Range Plants

Southwest Exotic Plant Information Clearinghouse (USGS)

Arizona Wildlands Invasive Plants

Native Plant Revegetation Guide for Colorado

Society for Growing Australian Plants

Internet Directory for Botany (includes Flora of North America)

Biodiversity and Biological Collections Web Server

Botanical Research Institute of Texas

Southwestern Association of Conservation Botanists

Southwest Vegetation Management Association

C4/CAM Photosynthesis

Sevilleta LTER Listing of Photosynthetic Pathways

U.S. Forest Service RMRS Shrub Sciences Lab 

Petrified Forest National Park Vegetation

Uncompahgre Plateau Native Plant Program

Seed Ecology

Woody Plants Seed Manual

The Baskin's Website

Seed Resources

Seed Information Database (Royal Botanic Gardens at KEW)

Tom Clothier's Seed Germination Database

The Seed Site

Association of Official Seed Analysts

Native Plants Propagation

Seed and Soil Dynamics in Shrubland Ecosystems (2004; RMRS-P-31)

Seed Dormancy in Pacific Northwest Plants (PDF Article)

Smoke Effects on Germination

Isolation of Smoke Compound Promoting Germination

Gavinone, Compound Promoting Germination

Isolation of Gavinone (Science Express PDF)

Regen Direct Liquid Smoke for Operational Projects

Seed Rain Traps - BC Extension Note


Sources of Native Plants and Seeds

Flagstaff Native Plant and Seed

Plants of the Southwest

Utah's Choice: Native Plants for Intermountain Landscapes


Other Publications or Resources

Western Forest Dead Wood Management Conference (1999; PSW-GTR-181)

Ecological Society of America 21st Century Visions Report

Southwestern Region GAP Project

Fifth Biennial Conference of Research on the Colorado Plateau

Ponderosa Pine Ecosystem Restoration (2001; RMRS-P-22)

Land Use History of the Colorado Plateau

Ecological Thresholds in 124(3) of Biological Conservation

High Severity Fire in Southwestern Forests (UMASS Site)

Tree Distribution Maps (USGS)


GIS Data (topo maps etc)



Historical Photos

Southwestern Region Forest Service Historical Photos


Forest Service Terrestrial Ecosystem Surveys

Coconino National Forest TES

Using TES to identify Mexican Spotted Owl Habitat (RMRS-GTR-86)



University of Arizona Tree Ring Laboratory



San Francisco Peaks Scenic Road Corridor Management Plan

AZ Governor's Forest Health Oversight Council Recommendations


Ecology WWW Page (massive listing of ecology internet resources) 


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