Leadership and Civic Engagement

Encouraging and Developing Civic Values and Responsibilities in the Community

Martin Dean Dupalo was invited to join the Leadership and Civic Engagement minor as an instructor in January 2008. Dupalo will be instructing EDUC 388, Internship, and EDUC 230 Introduction to Leadership.

Leading by Example

Each instructor invited to teach has demonstrated a track record and passion for public service. One key element within the program demonstrates this clearly - each instructor is teaching without compensation of any sort. It is one of several key points where the instructors are leading by example.

Our goal is to train and employ students to generate ideas that provide answers to some of our most pressing public problems. Leadership and initiatives - while they inherently present risks it is the hard work that takes society to a better vision of what it could be.

Designing coursework to engage and challenge the participants in real world scenario is key to civic engagement. Classroom work is not the end but the beginning of those pursuing a course for the betterment of their community. Public policy research bound in a paper is better applied if it is to have significant meaning. We strive to set that in motion.